• Seasons of Life

    Do you have a favorite season? Mine is baseball, or I could say fall. You may say basketball, or maybe even deer. There are all kinds and sort of seasons to be mentioned yet the kind of season that I want us to focus our time and attention on today are the seasons of life, more specifically the seasons of family life. A season is a particular period of time that can be identified because of similar routine events or activities that occur. 

    Have you noticed that when life gets difficult or there are particular challenges that you may be facing, someone (likely me if you are in my office) will say to you that it may be just your ‘stage/season of life?’ The various seasons of life tend to trip us up. You know, once you get accustomed to the way that things are going they seem to all of a sudden change on you. Some of us work in and out of these transitions seamlessly, yet others among us struggle. While at the same time some will struggle at certain seasons yet not with all seasons. Why is this?

    Here are just a few of the seasons/stages of family life that occupy our minds and fill our life with stress: moving into adulthood, transitioning from single life to coupled/married life, young married and figuring out your career, married/coupled with young kids, married/coupled with teens, the launching of your own kids, the empty nest. These are just some of the seasons that we experience. Of course we must consider divorce in there as well –it adds nuance to all of the seasons mentioned. As you consider those mentioned here (and there may be others), which one do you believe to be the most difficult?

    When I am asked which of these is the most difficult by clients in my office, I pretty much give the same response –”which one are you in right now?”  You see the one that you are in will provide the most challenge to you until you meet the challenge and achieve a level of comfort and ‘normalcy’ again. Then as you go through life you will look back and see that certain times were more difficult than others, however the great challenges seem to always be in learning how to deal with what I am going through right now. 

    So as you face difficulties and struggles in the seasons of life, don’t feel as though you have to go it alone. Look to those that have been there and done that for some sage wisdom. Of course no two situations are identical, however we can provide great comfort and encouragement to others as we share “this is how I dealt with that situation.” One day someone will be asking you how to deal with this particular season of life; when it comes, take advantage of the opportunity to share your wisdom. 

    If you find yourself struggling with your particular stage/season of life right now and you need someone to come alongside you to help you gain perspective, give us a call. At Brown Counseling and Coaching we consider it a privilege to walk this journey with you. Give us a call 904-885-0215 or schedule a time with us at this LINK. We look forward to seeing you in the office.