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    "Mr. Brown is so far great. My second visit and I'm happy I made the call to get some counseling."

    - SC

    “Lee can even make a virtual session feel very personal. Great job Lee and thank you for your insights and suggestions..”

    - BR

    "Had a great session with Lee. He left me with several valuable points to seriously and honestly think about. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with him."

    - MH

    "Lee is such a great listener and very good at mediating a situation when it needs to be. He is very insightful and patient. I would recommend him in a second!"

    - SH

    "We are learning a better way to communicating through just a few visits with Lee. He is intuitive to what is happening and lets each of us see what we are doing. He is patient and puts no blame on either party. Lee gives us very practical and realistic skills to work on to help improve communication. I highly recommend him and look forward to improving our communication through the skills he is providing for us."

    - Ann

    “From the moment when my partner and I walked in were comfortable. The atmosphere was inviting and by the end of the session we felt like we had been educated not counseled.”

    - GB

    “Rebecca is a fantastic coach and leader. I’ve benefitted greatly from her gospel-centered approach to enneagram assessment and coaching.”

    - JB

    “Lee is wonderful! He is a very good listener and impartial during our sessions. He offers helpful suggestions and insight that one may not be able to see in themselves. We enjoy working with him!”

    - SH

    “Lee is a great counselor. He has a calming demeanor and offers up great advice in a helpful way. I would recommended him to anyone in need of a marriage counselor.”

    - DF