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    Lee has over a decade of experience leading retreats. This form of experiential learning is fun and exciting, while being profound in its impact in the lives of attendees. If you are interested in an interactive learning environment that is poised to increase understanding and communication, emphasize fun, contact us today to schedule a  Retreat.

    Lee is available for Marriage Retreats, Staff Retreats, and/or Personal Growth Retreats. Contact us for more information.


    You have heard it said, “knowledge is power” right?  We want to challenge that idea. Knowledge is great, but what do you do with your new found information, skill, or ability? At one of our Marriage, Enneagram, or RelateWell workshops you will learn practical skills to  improve the relationships in your life and when you apply what you just learned, it has the opportunity to be a powerful source of change in your life. People who replace bad habits, and poorly functioning practices with more mature ways experience a renewed hope and joy in life.

    Marriage Enrichment

    What stands in the way of a great marriage? A good marriage. Don’t settle for the “status quo.” In this marriage workshop, you will:

    • Have fun, or learn to have fun
    • Learn better communication skills
    • Learn to regulate your emotions
    • Build intimacy; and
    • Re-discover the reasons that you decided to become an “US” in the first place.

    Enneagram Workshops

    Create Your Own Unique Workshop

    Are you ready to create a workshop customized for your team or group? Rebecca can help you plan a fantastic workshop that will meet the specific needs of your business, group or team that will:

    • Empower personal growth
    • Increase interpersonal communication skills
    • Improve teamwork and cooperation
    • Promote unity for a common goal
    • Develop healthier and happier team members
    • Provide a fun day that will have lasting impact

    Ready to learn more?

    Book a no-obligation free consultation to get started on a personalized Enneagram team workshop event that is perfect for you.