• Helping individuals, couples, and families to live a brighter future.

    Supporting healthy relationships and personal growth.

    Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Stress, anxiety, depression, despair, and even emotional trauma seem to have become household words and concerns. When considering these issues, as well as relationship difficulties and maybe even parenting issues –having someone to talk to helps.

    Sometimes a marriage can feel like a tremendous burden and the relationship is in crisis. When it feels like it may crumble around you, where do you turn? If you desperately want things to be different but have no idea of how to get there, where do you go? If this is true of your relationship, you are in need of a marriage intensive.

    Helping you achieve healthy relationships—whether family, friends, work, or romantic — is one of our goals. Let Brown Counseling & Coaching walk alongside you to help you achieve the peace in life that you desire.

    About Brown Counseling & Coaching

    Lee and Rebecca have been working together with couples for decades and have a great love for marriage. They have worked with military couples, led marriage conferences and retreats, and have been leaders with the marriage ministry in their local church –their passion is to see marriages strengthened and couples thrive in their relationship.

    Lee and Rebecca can often be found teaching Marriage Enrichment weekends together. They are available to speak to groups on subjects related to healthy relationships and marriage enrichment. If you are seeking a speaker for your group, or for a marriage retreat or weekend workshop contact either Lee or Rebecca for availability.

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