• Be The Change…

    Be The Change

    New Year, New You. This is an idea that we hear so much of at this time of the year. Many people (maybe some of you) make much of New Year Resolutions. “I am going to lose weight,” “I am going to eat healthy,” “I will be a better friend,” “I will read more…”, and etc. Often we make ‘resolutions’ because of disappointments from last year, or just the desire to do different or even better than we did in a certain area of life last year. 

    So I have to ask you, how are you doing at your new resolutions? Are you indeed resolute? The Webster’s Dictionary defines resolute: marked by firm determination. A very great frustration can be a desire to act in a different manner, only to find yourself doing the same things as before. To have a firm determination to act in a different manner requires a great amount of intentionality and accountability (depending on the degree of change that is required). Change is difficult BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. So if your ‘resolutions’ will require you to change, don’t give up too soon or too easily. We are two weeks into this new year; if you have already slipped into your old way of doing things, get focused and then restart your effort. Set short(er) goals for yourself and as these are met they will fuel a greater result because you will have proven that you are determined. 

    If your resolution this year is to improve your relationship then stick to the determination to change the things that you can change.  Just as it has been quoted, “be the change that you wish to see…” If you have been in the office with me, before long you will hear me say that if you want things in your life to be different then you will have to develop a different way of being. Don’t wait on your partner to change, lead the way. Be the humble one, be respectful, have empathy, seek out the good as you give goodwill. Do this and you will be creating the environment for your relationship to blossom this year!

    If you or someone that you know are struggling with a relationship we would love the opportunity at Brown Counseling and Coaching to assist you in finding peace, and a way forward for the relationship. Appointments can be made by calling 904-885-0215 or clicking this LINK.