• Cheaper Than A Divorce

    We have a common saying around our counseling practice. “A Marriage Intensive is cheaper than a divorce”. That’s not to say that the only reason you should consider a Marriage Intensive is because it’s the more affordable option.  However, if you ARE considering a divorce and you haven’t tried this very effective method of healing your marriage, you would do your bank account a HUGE favor by scheduling an Intensive today.  

    Let’s consider the cost of a divorce in today’s economy.

     Moneywise.com says: “Forbes estimates the average cost of a divorce in the U.S. runs between $15,000 and $20,000. And if you’re dealing with disputes over things like child custody or property, the price tag can hit the six-figure mark.” 

    That’s just the cost in money alone.  The price tag of a divorce is MUCH higher if you factor in the impact that divorce has on your mental, physical and emotional health, as well as the impact on your children and extended family. Going through a divorce may force you to have to move, sell property, take time off of work or find a new job.  Your children will have to adjust to dividing their time between parents and possibly changing schools.  It’s ALL too expensive in every way.  

    Now, let’s examine what it will cost to heal your marriage.  We won’t bury the lead here; the average cost of a Marriage Intensive with us is $2800.  For that you will be getting 3 days of undivided attention. Your relationship will be the sole focus of your professional marriage counselor. This is NOT a group setting where you would need to share your time with others.  Every relationship is unique and we want to give yours the attention it deserves. These 3 days are approximately the equivalent to 4 months of weekly marriage counseling.  Also included in this price is a beautiful and comfortable meeting space in North Florida*, daily snacks, cold drinks and coffee as well as the course books and materials you will be using. All in all, you and your spouse will be given the tools you need to completely heal your marriage and take the divorce topic completely off the table.  The value added will be peace and harmony, first at home and then to your family, friends  and work colleagues. The trickle down effect of healing your marriage is priceless! Call us today to talk about scheduling your marriage intensive. (904) 885-0215

    *In some cases we can travel to your location.