• Gratitude…it does a relationship good!

    Do you and your spouse practice being thankful/grateful to each other? Are there things in your day where you notice something and then are mindful to express gratitude to one another? When I have folks in my office, one of the foundational things that we talk about that must be true in any relationship is GOODWILL. A part of goodwill is the ability and willingness to express gratitude. Do you look for the good that your spouse does? Do you acknowledge that good AND then offer gratitude? If not, then let me challenge you to give it a try. If you do this you will have the ability to change the atmosphere in the room, and who knows, you might begin to see your spouse in a different light. 

    This is an adjustment in your personal attitude. I often hear things like this in the office; “there is nothing…NOTHING..that I appreciate about them.” I get it that sometimes things have gotten to such a point where you may be driving one another crazy, and that you are hyper aware of all of the things that are hurtful and offensive, but is there truly NOTHING? Look for even the smallest things that you can acknowledge. “Are you glad that they brushed their teeth?,” express that in a simple way. Begin small. Be on the lookout for ways to offer gratitude to your spouse: “Thanks for taking out the trash” or “Thanks for killing that bug in the bathroom” or “Thanks for cooking supper” or “Thanks for letting me sleep in a little”  What appreciation can you offer? Even the smallest expression of gratitude can begin a shift in a positive direction for your relationship.  

    When you are mindful and intentional about giving appreciation (Goodwill), this is a more mature way of being. This mature way of living will yield much more enjoyment and happiness in life. So why not give it a try? Today, look for ways to appreciate your spouse.  

    If you are experiencing too much pain in the relationship and are having too much difficulty in finding a way to express any appreciation whatsoever, you may be in need of more direct help. If this is you, consider scheduling an hour with us OR maybe even an Intensive in order to make some progress in your relationship. You can schedule at this LINK or give us a call and we can assist you (904-885-0215).