• RESPECT Find Out What it Means….

    During the month of October we want to introduce you to a foundational concept for any and every relationship.   This is a concept that I learned from a mentor of mine Dr. Rick Marks.   H-REG is an acronym for four different words that everyone needs to understand and then implement into their daily life; yet it’s so much more than just something to do, it’s something to become. So with that, we will hit one word every week here on the blog in a 4 part series.  Part 2- Respect 


    Valuing the wishes, traditions, and opinions of another person. To respect someone is to treat them with honor and to consider their preferences, concerns and boundaries as important as our own.

    Why Respect is critical to successful relationships:

    Respect requires you to honor your partner’s concerns and needs in your decision making process.  When a couple respects each other in this way the relationship always wins. Disrespect equals conflict.

    3 Aspects of Respect

    Respect is having an accurate view of others. Respectful people understand   that others have value. They regard the people in their life as important. They give honor to others’ wishes and concerns.

    Respectful people recognize their own self worth. They know that they have inherent value. A respectful person is able to set boundaries for themselves and in turn they are able to respect the boundaries of others.

    Respect means giving honor even through adversity. Respectful people are able to value others with differing thoughts and opinions. They understand that to do so does not diminish their own self worth.

    10 Practical ways to show respect to your spouse:

    1. Know their preferences 

    2. Keep their secrets

    3. Listen to their opinions

    4. Avoid name calling

    5. Prioritize their concerns

    6. Show gratitude

    7. Look for common ground

    8. Admit when you’re wrong

    9. Disagree politely

    10. Keep your promises