• The 4 Protectors Of US (1/4)

    During the month of October we want to introduce you to a foundational concept for any and every relationship.   This is a concept that I learned from a mentor of mine Dr. Rick Marks.   H-REG is an acronym for four different words that everyone needs to understand and then implement into their daily life; yet it’s so much more than just something to do, it’s something to become. So with that, we will hit one word every week here on the blog in a 4 part series.  Part 1 is –Humility.


    To see ourselves accurately. A self-awareness that allows insight into our own motivations that will lead to self-control.  To consider other’s thoughts, concerns and feelings as important as our own.

    Why Humility is critical to  successful relationships:

    Humility frees you up from the desire to win every argument, to always be right or have the upper hand.  You can either win every argument or keep the relationship healthy, you cannot do both.

    Three Aspects of Humility:

    1. Humility is having an accurate view of yourself. Humble people know their strengths and their weaknesses. They know what areas of their life could benefit from growth and improvement. Humble people are ‘mature.’

    2. Humility means being able to regulate your ego. A humble person is able to share praise and be genuinely happy when other people succeed. They are also able to accept blame and take responsibility for their own mistakes.

    3. Humility means living a life of gratitude and appreciation. Humble people recognize that the people in their life are important. They value their relationships and are grateful for what they have.

    Ten Ways to Show Humility to your Spouse

    1. Respond thoughtfully

    2. Ask for & accept feedback

    3. Say “thank you” often

    4. Share credit for accomplishments 

    5. Prioritize “their” needs

    6. Listen to understand

    7. Stay focused in conversation

    8. Admit when you’re wrong

    9. Offer and receive forgiveness

    10. Apologize quickly