• What Is A Marriage Intensive?

    What is a Marriage Intensive?

    When most people think of a troubled marriage, they immediately think of Marriage Counseling or Marriage Therapy.  The weekly, hour long session with a marriage counselor to hash out your problems and air your grievances with each other.  The therapist then has the challenge of giving you some helpful nuggets of truth to hang onto for the week until you sit down and do it all over again.  Is it any wonder that weekly marriage counseling is less than effective when it comes to helping couples get to a place of healing and restoration of a happy fulfilling relationship? 

    Enter the Marriage Intensive!  A Relationship or Marriage Intensive is a 3-day process where couples receive undivided attention from their marriage coach.  Couples will have the opportunity to work through their marital issues in a safe environment with the help and guidance of their professional LMFT counselor/coach.  You will be taught many new skills for healthy communication, conflict resolution, and emotional regulation. You will learn each other’s emotional needs and be given practical solutions for how to meet those needs in order for you to feel loved by your spouse and your spouse to feel loved by you.  At Brown Counseling and Coaching we incorporate a “Coaching Model” for teaching these skills. Your Counselor/Coach will demonstrate these new communication skills and give you many opportunities to put them into practice with each other while he is there to offer suggestions and guidance.  

    Not only is a Marriage Intensive MUCH more successful than weekly marriage therapy but after 3 days of a Relationship Intensive you will walk away with the equivalent of 4+ months of weekly relationship counseling.  You will also walk away with renewed hope, healing, a much better understanding of each other and what it takes to have a successful, happy marriage.  Call us today to schedule your happily ever after. FREE 15-minute phone consultations are available. (904) 885-0215