• Why Traditional Couples Therapy May Not Work

    What’s the first thing couples do when their marriage begins to fall apart? I can tell you what they don’t do right away.  They don’t call a marriage counselor or therapist. Did you know that couples in conflict will usually wait an average of 6 years before they seek help?  Six Years! By the time you have 6 years of fights, frustrations, anger and hurt behind you, you will have so much baggage to work through before you can get to a place of healing.  That’s a lot for even the most seasoned counselor to take on in a one-hour weekly session.  By the time a couple sits down in a therapist’s office, gets a few niceties out of the way, hashes out last week’s fights or explains how their spouse hurt or offended them, the clinical hour will be almost gone.  The counselor then has the challenge of offering the couple some practical help in a short amount of time.  What usually happens then is that the already troubled couple is sent home together after having just aired all of their strong feelings and stirred up emotions.  It’s really a recipe for disaster! 

    There is a better way!  It’s called a Marriage or Relationship Intensive.  This method of marriage counseling is not only exponentially more effective, but also the fastest way to go from marital conflict to marital harmony.  A marriage intensive is 2-3 consecutive days spent with a marriage counselor or coach.  Your marriage coach will spend those days giving your unique marriage his undivided attention. You will be able to air your hurts and frustrations to each other in a very safe environment with your marriage coach guiding you through each step.  You will be taught many new skills for healthy communication and emotional regulation. Your therapist will demonstrate these new skills and give you many opportunities to put them into practice with each other while he is there to offer suggestions and guidance.  

    After 3 days of a marriage intensive you will walk away with the equivalent of 4+ months of relationship counseling.  You will also walk away with a much better understanding of each other and what it takes to have a successful and happy marriage.  Which sounds better? 

    3 days= healed marriage OR 4+months= still broken marriage

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