• Christmas Joy or … NOT

    Is Christmas a time of joy and pleasure to you, or would you rather skip it?


    Ah…Christmas time. In Florida we don’t look forward to snow, although we do have to deal with those cold temperatures –you know the 50’s. There are a lot of things actually that many of us look forward to at this time of the year; yes- colder weather, music that you don’t hear the rest of the year, yummy treats, special gatherings, and hopefully a feeling of goodwill and peace.


    Many of you were probably with me until you read that last little bit…peace. This time of the year is anything but peaceful. We often have many more activities packed into an already busy schedule, the kids have additional functions to attend, there is the added stress of buying gifts, and then there is the traffic issue! But I have a question for you. What can YOU DO that would introduce “peace” into your life and the life of those around you? If you have been to Brown Counseling and Coaching more than once, more than likely you have heard this; “if you want things around you to be different, you need to adopt a new way of being.” Rather than allowing the craziness around you to steal your joy and your peace, you be the one to bring joy and peace!


    This really is a time of the year that should be filled with joy, and yes it should be a time of peace. For those of you in the faith community you know that the celebration of Christmas is acknowledging God’s amazing gift to us –Jesus, that we might have peace (Jn 10:10b). It truly is our hope here at Brown Counseling and Coaching that you will experience a wonderful time of joy and peace during this Christmas season. 

    Hopefully you will have a home filled with peace during this Christmas season. If we can help you or a friend to discover the way to have more peace in life and in relationships, give us a call.