• Empathy – 4 Protectors of US (3 of 4)

    Empathy is the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously living the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another person.

    Why Empathy is critical to successful relationships:

    Empathy allows you to experience the same feelings as your partner. Empathy bonds two people together as a team. When one of you hurts the other hurts, when one rejoices, so does the other.

    3 Aspects of Empathy:

    1. Empathy involves active listening for the purpose of understanding your partner. This requires you to remain focused and undistracted while allowing your partner to express what is on their heart.

    2. Empathetic people are able to focus on others. They can unselfishly listen and respond with caring compassion. They are able to provide comfort and support without needing it to be returned immediately.

    3. Empathy is not sympathy. Sympathy is a feeling of sincere concern for someone who is experiencing something difficult or painful, empathy involves actively sharing in the emotional experience of the other person

    10 Practical Ways to Show Empathy to your spouse:

    1. Be aware of their cues

    2. Keep eye contact

    3. Listen to understand

    4. Avoid distractions in conversation

    5. Ask clarifying questions

    6. Offer affection

    7. Be there

    8. Avoid offering solutions (unless asked)

    9. Let them vent

    10. Tell them (and show) that you care