• Give your Marriage a Christmas gift this year!

    You read that right; give your marriage a gift this year. We all understand how important it is to have regular dental visits or to take your car in for regular maintenance. It’s JUST AS IMPORTANT to have consistent check-ins for your relationship.  These checkups do not have to be drudgery or emotionally charged events where you hash out all of your grievances. Instead, we recommend that these checkups be fun and entertaining yet educational at the same time.  The more enjoyable the experience is the more likely you will be to make Marriage Check-ins a routine for your relationship health. 

    Where can I find a “Christmas gift for my marriage” that is fun, entertaining, and an experience that will strengthen my bond with my spouse, you ask?

    We’ve got you covered!

    Enneagram Couples Coaching

    Couples Enneagram Coaching is a fun & interactive 3 hour session.  You will gain a stronger bond and a more fulfilling relationship.  During our time together you will learn the following: 

    • Your enneagram type and your partner’s enneagram type

    • Core motivations- what exactly drives each of you to do the things that you do

    • Each other’s strengths & weaknesses

    • Your “couple personality”-Where you excel as a couple and the areas that may need attention

    • How to specifically communicate with your partner according to their type

    • What to do (and not do) when your partner is hurting or upset

    • Your specific conflict styles, parenting styles, and interpersonal coping styles

    • How to improve relationship happiness and overall satisfaction 

    After our 3 hour session you will know how to SPEAK LOVE in a way that will have your partner feeling valued and cherished.  

    You can schedule your Couples Enneagram Session for In-person or Virtual using the link provided HERE or the button below. The cost for this 3 hour relationship building experience is $250.  Book your Marriage Christmas gift today!