• Spring Cleaning

    When I was growing up, the season that I remember being a little bit of a mystery to me was Spring.  The arrival of Spring weather seemed to cause the grown ups in my life to do what I considered to be strange things.  My grandma would open up every window to “air out the house”.  She would take all the rugs outside, hang them on the line and beat them with a broom. She would strip the windows and beds of all the linens, wash everything and hang them out to dry in the sunshine. She would have us kiddos sweeping, dusting and wiping the baseboards. Grandma would say that Spring is a time when things are made new and that we ourselves should start with a clean slate.  As I grew I began to realize that when our Azaleas  were full of beautiful colored flowers it was time for Spring cleaning; time for a fresh start. 

        Now that I am the grownup who is confusing my grandkids, I can really identify with that urge to start fresh; to clean things up not only in my home but also in other areas of life.  There is something quite refreshing about tidying up your workspace, your home and even your relationships. Have you ever considered a “Spring Cleaning” for your marriage?   I know that I never really thought of it in that way but it makes sense. Spring may be a great time to sit down with your partner and take inventory of your relationship;  a time to think about what you’re doing well and what may need to change.  With the Spring cleaning mentality of “airing out” and “starting fresh,” it may be time to get rid of some bad communication habits, make some apologies, and commit to loving each other better in the future. 

        It isn’t uncommon for couples to let issues in their relationship pile up and go unresolved.  On average, couples will wait approximately 6 years after they start to notice problems in their marriage before they look for outside help. After so many years of allowing issues to pile up there will be so much to “clean up” that the job may seem overwhelming.  That is why a yearly “Relationship Spring Cleaning” is so vital.  Catch (and work through) those small issues before they become large piles of trash standing between you and your spouse.  Open your windows of communication, air out your struggles, clean up those destructive habits and start this Spring with a clean relationship slate!   

    If you or someone that you know are struggling with a relationship we would love the opportunity at Brown Counseling and Coaching to assist you in the skills that make ‘Spring Cleaning’ an actual joy. Appointments can be made by calling 904-885-0215 or clicking this LINK.